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4 Top Things You Should Not Do While Out On Bail Bonds

The freedom given to you by the court through the help of a Denver bondsman should not be treated lightly. It is something that you don’t want to lose control of because it is something you won’t have again when you get re-arrested. Here are the top things that you should avoid doing while you are out on bail bonds.

Going outside your location

One of the conditions of getting out through bail bonds Denver is to stay within a specific area. This can be within the city, county, or state limits. Should you need to go outside because of an emergency or important duty, you need to ask permission from the court and let your bail bondsman know of your intent.

Being late or absent in court while out on Denver bail bonds

Beinglate means you hold the court in contempt, something that can put a serious mark against your case. Being absent also means you are jumping bail and wish to avoid getting sentenced. The court will issue a warrant for your arrest, and the local bail bondsman can send a bounty hunter after you.

If you feel that you’re going to be late, or an emergency has come up that you cannot appear in court, contact us immediately. Our bail bondsman will inform the court and come with you if necessary to bring you to trial.

Staying around bad influences

Talking with someone who is linked to a crime, or is suspected of doing criminal behavior can raise warning signals. It gives the impression that you may be planning something, or are at risk of being involved with another offense. Know the people you are talking with, especially if you are not a local in Boulder County.

Any type of criminal behavior

Although it is part of our bail bonds service, doing criminal acts such as being in possession of a controlled substance, getting into a fight, or repeating the offense you were initially charged with.

Doing these things can have dangerous consequences. Such acts can force the judge or your bonding agent to revoke your bond. You will be sent back to prison where you will spend the remaining days until the court has ended your case. Even if you are not sent back to prison, all your activities will be closely guarded. The opinion of the judge and jury on your case will also go down significantly.

These are just some of the things you need to avoid. Study, understand and memorize to heart the conditions of your bail to avoid problems. If you have questions about your bail bonds, or feel that your acts will jeopardize your freedom, contact our Denver bondsman immediately. We will help you learn more about how to act while out on bail, and what you must do to keep yourself out of trouble.

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