When somebody arrested for a crime in Colorado State, then that person is taken to the local detention facility for a booking. After completing the booking process, the person who is defendant has many options for his/her release. Denver Bail Bonds are designed to give 100 % guarantee for the appearance of defendant in the court.

How Denver Bail Bonds Work:

1-A person got arrested / finds out they have a warrant.
2-One of the family member, friend / co-worker will calls us to get the person out of jail.
3-Charges & bail amounts are verified. Then bond premiums & collateral are being negotiated.
4-The Applications and Bail Bond contracts are being filled out & then signed by the person who is responsible for defendant making all the court dates.
5-Bondsman takes the amount of bail bond premiums.
6-The agent goes to jail & posts the defendants bond/bonds with a Detention Facility.
7-Now, the defendant is released from the jail.
8-Defendant should now go to the bail – bond office within 48 hours to fill in the defendant application.
9-Defendant should  appear to all court dates and comply with basic conditions of bond:
a). Can’t leave state with out our permission,
b). Must notify us if changes address prior,
c). Can not get arrest else bond revoked.
10-Collateral will be returned to indemnitor.

What are the Conditions of Bond?

The suspect must also agree to meet certain necessity called “conditions”. One of the most important conditions is that the suspect must appear in the hearing of his case. If the suspect didn’t appear, it may result in an arrest warrant and confiscation of the bond amount. Failure to Appear is a different criminal offense that causes 6 months to 1 year of imprisonment and loss of suspended sentence or the eligibility of probation. The other standard conditions state that the defendant gets prohibit from committing a crime or leaving the city while released on bail. The suspect must acknowledge the actuality of restraining mandatory order that prohibits contact with the victim or witnesses. Suspects are required to notify the court immediately of any change in mailing address or residence.


What is Collateral stands for?

The deposit of property or money to protect bail bondsman from heavy loss if the suspect fails to appear and the bond gets relinquish is known as collateral. Collateral can be given by anyone, it can be a defendant or from family and friends of the defendant. A written document or contract must be signed when the money is taken by agent and it must provide a receipt to the defendant. The bail bondsman has an authority to use money or collateral to pay confiscation and returning the suspect to custody.

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