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Types of Collateral You Could Use For Adams County Bail Bonds

An arrested loved one can get out of jail through the help of Adams County bail bonds. It’s when a bail company through the act of a licensed bail bondsman pays for the bail amount. All you have to do is to pay the 10 percent bail bonds premium to cover the bondsman services. The bondsman, in turn, will make a guarantee with the court that he/she will pay for the full amount of bail should the arrestee/defendant fail to show up for trial.

What Happens When I Hire a Bail Bondsman in Adams County?

Hiring a bail bondsman can help you get back on your feet after an arrest. Your Adams County bondsman will cover the bail for you, so you don’t have to pay for the entire amount immediately. The arrestee/detainee will have the time he/she needs to prepare for court. Before you purchase a bail bond Adams County agreement, you will be asked for collateral depending on the amount of bail.

Types of Collateral to Use for Bail Bonds

You have several choices when you need to set up collateral for bail bonds. You can choose any or a combination of the following:

Property/Real Estate

One of the most common bail bond collaterals used. You’ll often see in the movies wherein a relative is convinced to turn in a fugitive or he/she will lose the house set for collateral.  Real estate property can be your house or the land. This is commonly the first type of collateral used. In general, the equity of the property you will use should be 1 ½ or twice the amount of bail set by the court. The property used for collateral should be under your name and have no outstanding mortgages.


You can use your car as collateral for Adams County bail bonds. Other recreational vehicles such as boats, RV’s, trailers, motorcycles, and snowmobiles can be used. You should show proof of ownership over the vehicles, and it should be fully paid.

Valuables/Precious Items

Anything that you can sell to a pawn shop for money can be used as collateral. You can use jewelry, precious metals (i.e., silver, gold), precious gems (i.e., diamonds, emeralds), or even firearms. The current market value should be equal to the amount of the arrestee/detainee’s bail amount.

Electronic gadgets such as laptops, cellphones, and gaming rigs can also be used. Provided that these items are still in good condition, sellable, and running in perfect condition.

Investments and Savings

Your savings can be considered as collateral for Adams County bail bonds. If the savings you have is not enough, you can back it up with investment such as stocks and bonds.

You are not limited to the amount of money that you have when bailing a person out. However, do note that anything you set as the bonding company can seize collateral should your defendant decides to skip bail. Make sure that you know the person you are bailing out, and you mull over your options before signing in for a bond contract.

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