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How Does Jefferson County Bail Work?

  • If you remain locked up during this time, aside from being separated from family and friends, you’re losing your salary and that only adds to your problems.
  • While bail bond agents in Colorado must be licensed and bonded, each county has its own laws and rules concerning bail as well. At Jefferson Bail Bonds we know and understand all the laws governing the legal rights and responsibilities, not only of bonding agents but of defendants as well.
  • Normally, when a defendant makes a first appearance and the charges are read, the magistrate will set bail. Bail is a cash deposit paid to the court to assure the defendant’s appearance on the date of the hearing. If the defendant fails to appear as promised, this money would be forfeited and that only causes increased hardship on an already troubled family. In addition to that, a warrant will be issued for the defendant’s arrest, thereby only increasing the seriousness of the charges already made against this individual.
  • If a family member or friend chooses to post bail it must be done either with cash, a Western Union money order of a check from a local attorney. No other method will be possible.

Bail is normally somewhat too high for the average defendant and would be a severe burden on family members who might try to raise enough cash to cover this expense.

Licensed and Experienced Bail Bond Agent

Our job here at Jefferson Bail Bonds is to help you avoid further embarrassment and loss of income during this interim.

When you call Jefferson Bail Bondsman, a licensed and experienced bail bond agent can quickly arrange to post bail for you which allows for your immediate release. You will be free to go about your daily business as if nothing had ever happened, and your only concern at this point will be to remember to appear before the court on the date promised. Not to appear can be costly, dangerous, and humiliating. Of course, it would be impossible for a Jefferson bail agent to post large amounts of money without some sort of security arrangement with a defendant.

This security arrangement could be cash, but more commonly, it may involve real estate or other substantial property of value. Sometimes, family and/or friends will help to assure Jefferson County Bail Bond that in the event of a forfeit, we will not lose the cash deposit we have made with the court.

In Colorado, as elsewhere, Jefferson bail bond agencies naturally post great amounts of cash with the courts. If they casually post bail for anyone without some sort of security, their business would quickly close its doors.

Even while holding the security, rather than forfeit the amount of bail posted, most agencies will employ bounty hunters to track down the missing defendant and bring him to the authorities.

Bounty hunters too, are licensed and bonded and when looking for a fugitive. It must be remembered that they, like police officers, have the right to apprehend the fugitive through any means necessary, cuff him, and somehow get him back to the courthouse.

Bail Bond Agents in Jefferson County

Considering the modest cost involved, having Jefferson Bail Bonds post bail for you and allowing you to be released from jail is the only way to go. During the time between your release and your court appearance, no bounty hunters or others will bother you, and after appearing on the due court date, the Jefferson County bond issue will terminate.

Being jailed, whether guilty or not guilty, is not only embarrassing but difficult. A jail cell is not a pleasant place to spend days, or even months, waiting for your day in court. We are your 24-hour bail bonds resource in Jefferson County!

When you dial 720-650-8832, Our Bail Bonds can have you back on the street in hours and free to act as you always do. You can be with your family, return to work, and continue to earn your living. No one will even be aware of your having been arrested generally speaking. Call Jefferson Bail Bondsman today to speak with a friendly bail bonds agents about your situation!

Jefferson Bail Bonds serves the following cities: Lakewood, Golden, Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, Nederland, Morrison, and EdgeWater.

Jail Fee: $40 ($30 Booking fee plus $10 bond fee)

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