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For 40 years, PDQ Bail Bonds served fast bail bonds for people who need to get out of jail in Adams County. We are here to help you with Adams County bail bonds any time of the day, any day of the week. We fully understand that our clients are in a desperate situation. We will do whatever it takes to help you know how to post bail to ease your worries. Your loved one’s safety and security is our priority – call us now, and we will prepare immediate bail bonds for your Adams County inmate.

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What is Bail?

A person who is arrested and charged in Adams County is held in custody until he/she posts bail. Bail is the amount of money (or property) given to the court as an insurance that the arrestee/detainee will appear in all court proceedings. The bail is set according to schedule by the court. The judge will also consider the following when determining the amount of bail for the arrestee/detainee:

  • What the arrestee/detainee is charged with
  • The seriousness of the charge
  • The flight risk of the defendant
  • The arrestee’s/detainee’s offense history
  • Ties of the arrestee/detainee to the place of arrest

Depending on specific circumstances, the judge will refuse to allow a person to get out on bail. Confirm if your loved one is allowed to get out on bail before you call a bondsman in Adams County.

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Posting Bail Bonds in Adams County

Posting Adams county bail bonds start with contacting a bonding company that is licensed by the Colorado Division of Insurance. PDQ Bail Bonds is a licensed and registered bail bonds company allowed to provide 24-hour bail bonds to those who need to be free from incarceration. The person who requests for the express bail bonds is required to show proof of identity and income to initiate the process. Once you give all the necessary details and you are satisfied with your interview with our Adams County bondsman, the paper works will be prepared. You will become the cosigner or indemnitor for your loved one. You will give non-refundable premium to the bail bonds agent as payment for the bail bond service rendered. The bonding agent will now make an appointment with the detention center in Brighton, Colorado to post bail. Depending on how busy the Sheriff’s office will be, your loved one will be free within 4-12 hours.

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What Happens When the Accused Skips Bail?

There are many consequences when the accused fails to show up in court hearings or skips bail. Failure to show after bail is posted in itself is a crime. A skip (the person who jumps bail) is liable to:

  • Forfeit the bond amount they paid in court
  • Face additional charges and penalties for bail jumping

A licensed bondsman is allowed by the state to run after a skip. He/She is permitted to apprehend a fleeing defendant and bring him/her to court without a warrant. As for the cosigner/indemnitor, the money or property you have used as collateral for bail bonds in Adams County will is forfeited to the court. Make sure you know the person you are bailing out really well, and consider the risk of him/her turning into a skip.

How PDQ Bail Bonds Can Help

We are your best friend when you are looking for 10 percent bail bonds. We are your answer whenever you need:

  • Felony Bail Bonds
  • Juvenile Bail Bonds
  • Traffic Bail Bonds
  • Misdemeanor Bail Bonds
  • DIU Bail Bonds
  • Domestic Violence bail bonds

Our goal is to take the weight of posting bail bonds in Adams County from your shoulders. Let go of your worries and trust our bail company to free your loved one.

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Prompt Response

Our staff is highly trained to respond to your needs immediately. Every single bail bond Adams County case is handled with urgency. Your bail bond papers will be prepared in minutes, and our bondsman will be at the detention center the very moment it is done.

24/7 Availability

PDQ Bail bonds is a 24-hour bail bonding company. You will always have someone to answer your call whenever you need Adams County bail bonds. No one is turned away, and you can come to our office anytime – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays.

Cordial and Approachable Staff

Our staff treats everyone with respect. You are not seen according to the case you are presenting. You are not labeled as “guilty” or “innocent.” Every discourse will be done cordially. Every single information you share with our local bail bondsman will remain between the two of you.


All of our Adams County bail bondsmen have more than 10 years of experience in handling bail bonds for people who are in need. They have undergone training in order to provide the best service that you deserve.


PDQ Bail Bonds operate under the principle of transparency. You are free to ask questions if something is not clear with our bail bond agreement. Every payment and financial transaction with us will be documented and issued with a receipt. There are no hidden fees and hidden agenda when we are dealing with Adams County bail bonds for your loved one. Don’t wait a minute more when bailing someone out of jail. Call our 24-hour bail hotline, and a licensed bail bondsman will be more than ready to assist you.

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Jail Fee: $10.00 per bond.

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Adams County Bail Bonds FAQ’s

adams county bail bonds

Adams County Bail Bonds

We have Adams County Bail Bonds on call if you or your loved ones need us. We meet you right at the jail to post bond. We encourage clients to meet us at the Adams County Jail because its faster to post bond. Our Adams County Bail Bond Agent will meet you in the Jail and complete all necessary paperwork. Once you have completed paper work with the bail agent they will post bond immediately. After Bail bond has been posted you just have to wait for Defendant to be released. Defendant is usually released within two to six hours after bond is posted.

What is bail?

Perhaps, a loved one is arrested for a crime. They are allowed to post bail (money) to get out of jail and appear in court to face the charges at a later date. The courts set the amount of bail. Bail is a guarantee that the defendant will appear in court on the appointed date.

Often, the defendant is in a dire circumstance and his family is not able to come up with the bail money. They contact us, at this point. We step in and ensure that the bond is posted for the individual that was arrested. If the defendant shows up in court on the appointed date, the bail money is returned.

Failing to appear

The fact is that some defendants might fail to appear in court on the date that was set by the court. If the defendant does not appear on the appointed court date, a number of things might take place. For example, a warrant might be issued for their immediate arrest. The bail is revoked and the individual must return to jail immediately. In some circumstances, the judge might set another date for the defendant to appear in court. However, this is a rare event.

adams county bail bonds rights

Certainly, the family of the defendant are filled with questions and concerns about the bail system. One question that we often hear concerns the right to bail. Under most circumstances, the individual arrested is entitled to bail. However, a number of factors weigh in on this circumstance. For example, the severity of the crime. Murder and other violent crimes might be exempt. A judge makes the ultimate decision surrounding the bail.

Posting bond

In order to post bond, we require that the defendant’s family show proof of identity and proof of income to get the ball rolling. Generally, all is required is a few pay stubs and a driver’s license. A piece of mail with identifying name and address is also accepted.

We are licensed Adams County Bail Bonds agents, which means that we work with people in Adams County and are licensed by the state. If you would like more information on the bail bond system or to hire our service, contact us at 720-542-3217.

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Jail Fee: $10.00 per bond.

Directions to the Adams County Detention Facility / Jail.

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