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Everything You Need to Know About Bail Bonds Service in Aurora

A bail bond is a binding agreement between a defendant and a bail bonding agent. Getting Aurora County Bail Bonds can help you set a loved one free if you cannot afford to pay the entire amount of bail in full. The process can be confusing for those who are not familiar with the court system. Here’s what you need to know about bail bond services to help you make an informed decision.

The Bail Bond Process

An arrested person must be booked before the bail amount is set. The bondsman will need details such as full name, birthday, detention facility, booking number as well as employment information and living address. This will help the Aurora bail bondsman decide whether or not to take your case.

When our Aurora bail bondsman decides to accept your business, he/she will provide a bail bond agreement for both of you to sign to bind you both to the agreement. Only then will you give us your payment and our bondsman will process the bond you need to for the release of your loved one.

Reducing Bail Amount

In general, the judge follows a schedule when deciding the amount of bail. However, the defendant can file a motion before a judge or a magistrate to reduce the bail amount. You can present your case by telling the judge the bail is too high for you to afford and that you are not a serious flight risk. This does not necessarily mean, however, that the court can reduce the bail to a fee that you can pay in an instant. You need to talk to your lawyer so that both of you can plan how to present your case convincingly.

Collateral Conditions

Depending on the amount of bail and the nature of your defendant’s case, the local bail bondsman may or may not require collateral. Collateral can be real estate property, jewelry, cars, boat, or anything of high re-sellable value, which should be more than equal the amount of bail set by the court.

You can get your collateral back when:

  • The trial is over
  • Case is dismissed
  • The defendant is found innocent
  • Bail is exonerated

If the defendant fails to appear in court or did not meet the stipulations of the bail bond agreement, you face forfeiture and the bail bond company can seize the collateral.

A Co-signer Has Many Responsibilities

When you set yourself as a co-signer for your loved one, you assume responsibility for the defendant. You have to make sure that he/she attends every single court hearing, and escort the defendant to court if necessary. If the defendant jumps bail, it is your duty and obligation to do whatever it takes to bring the fugitive back to court. Should you fail to locate your fugitive, you are at high risk of losing your collateral.

Once you sign that contract, only a court ruling can take you out of your obligation as a co-signer. You will also incur fees with the bonding company as a penalty for breaking the contract with your bail bondsman.  Make sure you know the person you are bailing out before you sign a bail bond agreement.

Co-signers Can Stipulate Conditions for Aurora Bail Bonds

Because you risk a lot when you sign a bail bond agreement, you can set stipulations for the accused, along with those set by the court. This is also one way for you to help your defendant get his/her act together and start all over. You can add conditions like attending drug or alcohol rehabilitation, or evaluation in a mental health facility.

Our bail bond service supports both defendant and co-signers. We’re open to negotiating the clause in the bail bond agreement and discuss the consequences if there is a failure in fulfillment.

The Premium for Bail Bonds is Set

Every state has its own fees for bail bonds. In Arapahoe, CO, the Division of Insurance regulates fees at 10 percent bail bonds. You can expect to pay as much as 15% depending on the defendant’s case. This premium fee is non-refundable and serves as your payment to the bail bondsman for his/her services. Getting back the premium is for special cases and requires an order from the court.

Avoid Soliciting “Agents”

You will come across people walking around detention facilities and courthouses posing as agents. They will tell you that they can give you cheap bail bonds lower than 10% and can get your loved one out in minutes. It’s illegal for bail bond agents to solicit clients and force them to accept a bail bond services against their will. If you come across such an “agent,” report him/her to the authorities as well as the Colorado Division of Insurance.

As a licensed bail bonding company, we only allow our agents to charge 10-15% bail bond fees. Our agents took courses about how do bail bonds work and are aware of the consequences should they fail to provide ethical services to our clients.

If you need help understanding the process of bail bonds in Aurora, our agents in PDQ Bail Bonds will be more than willing to answer your questions. Our staff is always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us now at 720-542-3217, and we’ll discuss how we can be of assistance for your Aurora bail bonds.