What to do When Arrested in Denver

Being arrested and going through the booking process is a frightening experience. It makes no difference, if you are a huge celebrity, or someone off the streets, the detainees will eventually end up in a Denver jail.

However, jail release is possible, with the help of a bail bondsman, who will go through the court process to get you out of jail on some type of bond. Anyone arrested at first goes through the booking process, where the individual is photographed as well as fingerprinted to get desired information in the system. The arrestee will be taken to a holding cell to await the bail hearing.

At this part, the judge decides the bail amount depending on what the offense was and all of your past record. Here comes the role of a bail bondsman. An experienced and licensed bail bondsman can guide you through all of the hearing processes and help the detainees get out of jail as quickly as possible.

The first-time lawbreakers with no previous similar records or anything of that nature, there is a high probability that the court remains lenient. For instance, for domestic violence, the accused might need to spend the night under police custody until a judge decides whether or not you can post a bond and how much it is going to be. And, with crimes of violence, drug offenses, or repeat offenders, or a crime with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, bail bonds are inapplicable.

What happens if the offender runs or resists arrest?

This may lead to receiving more severe penalties on running from the police or arrest. The best thing to do is calmly handle the situation and allow yourself to be taken into police custody. Be polite and assertively request the presence of a legal professional before anything else.

How much does a bail bond cost?

Usually, bail amounts can be anywhere from a couple of thousand dollars to upwards. Depending on the state, country, and the charges accused of, bail amounts could be less or more. For those at the risk of fleeing or not appearing for trial, the court might charge a high dollar amount.

Whatever be, people do not hold this much cash on hand, so instead prefer a bond for bail. Bail bonds allow the accused to pay only a percentage of the total bail amount, on a promise to appear for all court hearings. If the accused fails to appear for court, they forfeit the rest of the bail amount and a warrant may be issued for their arrest. Only a bail bondsman can aid the entire process for a percentage of the bail amount, which is normally 10%.

When should you hire a bail bondsman?

It is imperative that you have an experienced bail bondsman to help you throughout the process. Right after you have been taken into police custody, get a bail bondsman by your side immediately. Their services can protect you from implicating yourself in the crime during the questioning procedures and may argue for a lower bond or request a judge to secure your release on your own recognizance. Even before the court trial begins, the bail bondsman can guide you to understand the entire process. Also, deciding among the different kinds of bail bonds is hard if you don’t have a bail bondsman to help you through the process and get out of jail.

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