What to do When Arrested in Denver

Being arrested and going through the booking process is a frightening experience. It makes no difference, if you are a huge celebrity, or someone off the streets, the detainees will eventually end up in a Denver jail.

However, jail release is possible, with the help of a bail bondsman, who will go through the court process to get you out of jail on some type of bond. Anyone arrested at first goes through the booking process, where the individual is photographed as well as fingerprinted to get desired information in the system. The arrestee will be taken to a holding cell to await the bail hearing.

At this part, the judge decides the bail amount depending on what the offense was and all of your past record. Here comes the role of a bail bondsman. An experienced and licensed bail bondsman can guide you through all of the hearing processes and help the detainees get out of jail as quickly as possible.

The first-time lawbreakers with no previous similar records or anything of that nature, there is a high probability that the court remains lenient. For instance, for domestic violence, the accused might need to spend the night under police custody until a judge decides whether or not you can post a bond and how much it is going to be. And, with crimes of violence, drug offenses, or repeat offenders, or a crime with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, bail bonds are inapplicable.

What happens if the offender runs or resists arrest?

This may lead to receiving more severe penalties on running from the police or arrest. The best thing to do is calmly handle the situation and allow yourself to be taken into police custody. Be polite and assertively request the presence of a legal professional before anything else.

How much does a bail bond cost?

Usually, bail amounts can be anywhere from a couple of thousand dollars to upwards. Depending on the state, country, and the charges accused of, bail amounts could be less or more. For those at the risk of fleeing or not appearing for trial, the court might charge a high dollar amount.

Whatever be, people do not hold this much cash on hand, so instead prefer a bond for bail. Bail bonds allow the accused to pay only a percentage of the total bail amount, on a promise to appear for all court hearings. If the accused fails to appear for court, they forfeit the rest of the bail amount and a warrant may be issued for their arrest. Only a bail bondsman can aid the entire process for a percentage of the bail amount, which is normally 10%.

When should you hire a bail bondsman?

It is imperative that you have an experienced bail bondsman to help you throughout the process. Right after you have been taken into police custody, get a bail bondsman by your side immediately. Their services can protect you from implicating yourself in the crime during the questioning procedures and may argue for a lower bond or request a judge to secure your release on your own recognizance. Even before the court trial begins, the bail bondsman can guide you to understand the entire process. Also, deciding among the different kinds of bail bonds is hard if you don’t have a bail bondsman to help you through the process and get out of jail.

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Denver Bail Bonds Process

If your loved one or family member has gotten into trouble with the law, bail bonds are the first that you will actually need to deal with.

In most states, bail amounts are set high. The amount of the bail money required varies greatly, depending on the severity of the legal charges made by the authorities.

Those who cannot afford to pay for the bond, have two options: either get the Denver bail bonds services or spend your days and nights in Denver jail.

Why do you may Need Denver Bail Bonds?

Denver Bail Bond is a surety bond posted to the local court that assures appearance before the court bench on all the scheduled dates. In other words, the bail bonds agency you hire takes your guarantee that you will not run away until the court trial is concluded.

Irrespective of the case in times where the accused has been held for any wrongful conduct by the authorities, the Denver Bail Bonds service is greatly advisable. Using such a service is the easiest and quickest way to get out of jail while waiting to appear in court.

Another significant reason for considering the Denver bail bonds services is the availability of funds. Besides, the wide knowledge and experience in handling legal matters is the added advantage.

In addition, the Denver bail bondsman has easy access to very large amounts of money. The idea of accessing a big sum of money from anyone’s personal savings is not advisable. This task of providing the necessary funds for the release can be effectively executed by the bail bonds agencies in return for a small amount of service charges.

No matter whatever may be the severity of the case, the defendants who find themselves on the wrong side of the law can always use bail bonds services for their timely release.

Choosing a Bail Bonds Service Provider!

There are many legal service providers in Denver that can help you out in arranging the bail. Considering the industry, where timing matters a lot, the bail bond companies operate round-the-clock for providing legal assistance to the clients in time.

For secure and quicker jail release, it is essential to make the right choice while looking for bail bonds service. While hiring Denver Bail Bonds Service, make sure to consider the average time of a release, payment options, and timings of operations. Most agencies provide different options of payments and services so as to help accused individuals avail of legal services with ease.

Go for the agencies which are licensed and possess extensive experience in the area of bail bonds business. In addition, the reputed bail bonds agents make sure that you understand the entire process of bonding. They will explain to you the responsibilities, as a co-signer and your role while releasing the defendant from jail.

Finding a reputed bail bonds service in Denver does not have to be difficult but it does need a little research. This can easily be possible by checking with the local authorities or the convenience of the internet. If the bail bonds agency you choose already has a long list of satisfied clients, you can rest assured that the fate of the defendant is in the hands of a reliable company. The best ones can handle emergency cases quickly and efficiently.

What’s more, if you have any questions or just need some advice on Denver bail bonds, feel free to talk with PDQ Bail Bond experts!

Top 5 Questions you must ask a Bail Bond Company

How much does the bail cost?

The price the bail bonds company charges is legally mandated state-to-state. Usually, it is 8-15% of the total bail amount set by the court. This amount is set by the state only, which is more than the average person can pay.

How long is the process to get someone released from jail?

The amount of time the accused has to spend in jail depends on numerous variables. Anyone with previous charges on their record or who happens to be awaiting trial on pending charges may get to stay for a longer time. If arrested while awaiting trial on other charges, then also the accused will be held until the next court date, however, this varies from case to case.

The mere part a bonds company can control is the release process and documentation. With their experience, the bondsman can get a pretty accurate time frame of when the accused will be released.

What is the Bail Bond Process?

Typically, it is a friend, relative, or loved one who makes the first contact with a bail bond company on behalf of the defendant. Before initiating the process, the bond agents ask for some basic information for the arrested individuals in order to assess the risk factor involved in the bond. This covers the personal information, arrest details, and the amount of bail set by the court.

The next step is to arrange payment and complete bond documents including a bail bond application, indemnity agreement, and receipt. Once all the legal formalities are completed, the bond company will then post the bail and the defendant will be released in some hours, depending on the state.

What is collateral?

Collateral is usually provided by the near ones of the defendant. The term adds financial security to ensure that the defendant appears in court when supposed to. It can be anything of financial value including jewelry, vehicle, real estate, and anything that is legally pledged to back up the promise that the defendant will appear for the scheduled court dates.

A bail bond is a guarantee between the court and the bail bonds company. The bond acts as a surety that the accused will appear in court for the scheduled dates. If the defendant fails to come to court, then the bail bonds company is held responsible for paying the bail amount. This is the reason bail bond companies usually seek collateral for high bail amounts, however, low-cost bail amounts do not require collateral.

What are the responsibilities of the Indemnitor?

Essentially, there are three parties who are responsible for making sure the accused makes all of the court dates, the defendant, the Indemnitor, and the bail bonds company. Indemnitor is an individual who provides an indemnity for the designated applicant.

When the bail bonds company prepares paperwork to bail out the defendant, they almost need an indemnitor. This is the person who will be signing and ultimately taking responsibility for the defendant. Because of the responsibilities to the court, the bail bonds company in some cases requires an indemnitor. In case the defendant and indemnitor skip and leave the country, the bail bonds company will be ultimately responsible to pay the entire bail bonds cost.

Just remember that the bond process varies from state to state, however, asking some of the questions will help you make the right choice when you are in a difficult situation and may not be thinking clearly.

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What to do When Arrested in Denver, Colorado?

Whether you, your family member or a loved one is arrested, the person is usually deemed innocent until proven. This means the accused should be temporarily released to prepare for the case. This is why the Denver bail bonds system has been set up so that the suspect could enjoy this fundamental right and ensure to appear in the court on the appointed date.

The quickest way to get them out of jail is to post a bail bond. The entire amount involved depends on the seriousness of the crime committed. The more serious the crime is, the more the cost of the bond will be. This amount is set by the judge and the court system based on the crime committed. Usually, the accused cannot afford to post the full bond amount, which is why they use a bail bonds agency and some for collateral, or financing to work out the rest of the face value of the bond. Once the bond has been processed, the person gets released within a few hours.

Bail is used as a surety bond or insurance that guarantees that the defendant returns to court on the specified court dates. If the accused fails to appear on the scheduled court dates, the bail bond will be forfeited to the bonds agency and an arrest warrant will be issued for the accused.

Once you approach a bail bondsman to fill out the necessary paperwork, it only takes a few hours to be securely released from jail. A suspect is innocent until proven guilty, however many sit in jail due to lack of funds for the full bail amount. This is why it’s wise to contact a bail bonds agency to get the required assistance with the process.

If the suspect affords to pay the total bail cost, then they may do so without the assistance of a bail bondsman as long as they can prove their funds are obtained legally. The amount is returned or excused to the bond signer at the conclusion of the trial if the defendant appears to all scheduled dates.

Responsibilities of a Bail Bond Cosigner

A bail bond cosigner or indemnitor, can be your friend or loved one who is willing to sign the legally binding contract to bail you out of jail. The cosigner is the person responsible for initiating the bail bond. It is a serious undertaking, and whether or not you face the ramifications for those liabilities depends on the choices of the person you are bailing out of jail. The cosigner needs to pay the bail provider a percentage of the face amount of the bond, which is usually 10%, set by the state. However, on bigger bond amounts, collateral is required which can be in the form of cash, home deed, vehicle, jewelry, boat or any other valuable asset.

In case the accused violates any conditions of the bail bond agreement or court orders, the cosigner will be held responsible to pay the remaining amount as the contract stipulates. And, if used collateral to purchase the bail bonds such as your luxurious vehicle or any other assets, you will need to forfeit that collateral.

In order to avoid any liability concerns, make sure to take responsibility for those you know closely and whom you can trust. Do not cosign for someone if they are unemployed, or hold a history of evading the law or have a bad criminal and credit record.

The entire Denver bail bonds process can be overwhelming especially if you have never been in this situation before. However, working with an expert Denver bail bondsman can make the entire process much easier to handle.

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Getting a Bail Bond

When someone is arrested, the first step is to contact a company that can post the bail. Since you will be sitting in jail, your family member, lawyer, or friend can do this for you. Of course, the bail bondsman will ask you everything in detail. What are the charges? What is your profession? Do you have any assets? The motive behind asking these questions is to confirm whether you are worthy of getting your bond paid or the process requires collateral.

How do Bail Bonds Work?

A bail bond acts as a guarantee between the court and the bond company. This bond guarantees that the defendant will appear in court for their scheduled visits. The bond protects the government entity in whose court the accused has to appear.

In case, the arrested party fails to appear in court then the bond amount becomes payable and is forfeited as a penalty by the insurers issuing the bond or court.

If the bail bondsman and defendant agree on the terms, then the accused has to sign paperwork and pay for the services. The bail bonds company can help you get out of jail by charging a percentage of the total bail amount. Usually, this amount is around ten percent of the bail amount set by the court.

Once the paperwork is done and fees are paid, the bail will be posted in a matter of a few hours. The bondsman will bring the money to wherever you are being detained and finally you will be released until your court date.

When does someone need Bail Bond Services?

Depending on the legal situations, criminal history, criminal behavior, and current charges, the person would need to obtain a bond for bail. The two most common reasons people opt for bail services are getting out of jail and arrest warrants. For anyone suspected of committing or being involved in a crime, a warrant will be issued for their arrest. Also, in case the suspect fails to appear in court, the same might happen. In such cases, the suspect is expected to turn to a bail bondsman company in order to get out of jail.

The Bail Bonds Company works with a motive to help clients with a safe and efficient release from jail until their scheduled court date. If you or a loved one is arrested, you cannot sit relax and let them sit in jail. You may feel that you cannot afford the bail, however, this is where a bail bondsman comes to the rescue.

Choosing a Bail Bonds Company

  • In deciding which bail bonds company is best for you, it’s better to compare license status, experience, and even willingness to offer some type of financing. In addition to these aspects, you should also consider their availability of assistance and confirm whether they offer no collateral bail bonds.
  • Availability of the bondsman should be a concern to you. People may get arrested at all hours, not at standard hours. This is why a bondsman should be available 24/7.
  • Furthermore, a bondsman’s experience also holds a significant role in choosing the best bail agency to hire. The experienced agency may provide for a quicker release with knowing more about the system and documentation involved.
  • Make sure to choose a bail bonds company that goes above and beyond. The one that promises to deliver expedient service, meet you at your location, offers manageable financing options for the bail cost and attorney resources is probably the one that deserves you!

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