Quick Jail Release in Douglas County

What happens after an arrest?

If you have been arrested for committing a crime, you will be taken to the local police station or jail and booked in for arrest. The booking process involves giving your fingerprints along with a photograph and other personal information. Then the accused has to await a hearing with a judge regarding the trial. Those arrested over the weekend have most likely to remain on hold until Monday when the judge is available to preside over your case.

Once the hearing has been scheduled with the judge, the accused will be taken to the courthouse where the trial date will be set for the case. This is the preliminary hearing where the judge offers the opportunity to post bail in order to secure the release pending the outcome of the trial. Concerning the severity of the crime committed, and the accused’s criminal background, the option to post bail may get denied by the judge altogether.

Posting Bail to get out of jail

A jail arrest does not always mean that the accused will get a chance to be heard the next day. It may take a week or a month before your case is heard in the court of justice. Regardless of your crime, in many cases, the state offers a choice to post bail through bail bonds.

The bail system is a way to guarantee that the accused will show up for the court date. The bail amount varies depending on the crime committed. The entire amount can be covered in below three ways:


This way is quite straightforward. Whatever the amount set for the defendant’s release can be paid in cash and the defendant will be released in a few hours. The amount you pay is held as collateral until you appear in court. After the trial, the entire amount is refunded to the person who paid it, possibly less some processing fees.

Property bond

Rather than paying cash, real estate can be used as collateral but equity must be at least equivalent to the bail amount. This process is usually longer compared to other ways that can take weeks or even months. If you don’t attend the trial, the court will foreclose on the property.


Those who do not have enough funds to put up as collateral prefer a bail bonds service. Typically, in this way, the defendant has to pay the bondsman 10 percent of the bond amount, and further, the bondsman will put up the total amount for the defendant’s release. Again, the bail amount will be returned to the payee once the trial is complete, however, the bondsman will keep that 10 percent as payment for his services. The bail bondsman you choose to pay the bail is responsible for the guarantee that the accused will appear for the court dates.

Getting professional help

Posting bail is something that many individuals are not aware of. This is why getting professional help from bail bonds agencies help you know how the process works. Moreover, this will enable the individual to decide if they should risk their money, property, or time for the person that has been arrested on suspicion of a crime.

No matter the crime committed and the type of bail bond is required, it’s wise to seek professional assistance as soon as you get arrested. The bail bonds agencies will not only help you secure the bond necessary to leave police custody but also can help get the bail amount reduced.

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