Important Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Bail Bond Agent

Let’s face it, getting released on bail can be a difficult and painful process, not to mention expensive. Whether you want to get out of jail but don’t have money to pay for your bail or have a loved one who you need to bail out of jail, using a bail bond agent can be an ideal option.

What Does A Bail Bond Agent Actually Do?

A Bail bond agent is any person or company that will serve and act as a surety and pledge money or property as bail for the appearance of a criminal defendant in court. From the filling of the required legal documents to financing your bail among other related legal matters, these bail bond agents will help you or your family member get out of jail in no time.

When compared to the cost of paying bail yourself, hiring a bail bond agent is cost-effective. That is because the service will charge only ten percent of the entire bail money. It means that your friend or loved one will get out of jail for a fraction of the cost compared to any other ways or means.

What Should I look For in a Bail Bond Agent?

While the process of looking for and choosing a bail bond agent often takes place during a busy and stressful time, you should still do as much research as you possibly can. Read on to find out four important things to keep in mind when choosing a bail bond agent.

1. Licensed- When it comes to choosing the right bail bond agent, make sure you find out whether they are licensed. It is highly advisable to only deal with bail bond service providers who have a current and valid license. Furthermore, if the agent refuses to present their license as proof, you can safely assume that they are fraudulent.

2. Paperwork- As with any legal transaction, the services of a bail bond agent require you to fill out paperwork. Furthermore, a reputable bail bond agent will sit the consignee down to fill out paperwork, ask for I.D and other information such as the collateral. Furthermore, if there’s no paperwork whatsoever, be cautious.

3. Size of the bail bond- Some bail bond agents only offer bonds on certain amounts of bail. Furthermore, some only work with small bail amounts while others only provide bonds for high-dollar bail amounts. When speaking with a bail bond agent, make sure to mention the amount of bail you need to qualify for release. Then make sure the bail bond agent can provide a bond in the full amount that you want to borrow. If they can’t or have limits that are too low, keep looking.

4. Customer service- Talk to their customer service representatives, before hiring a bail bond agent. Furthermore, how they respond and how quickly they respond will tell you a lot about what it is going to be like to work with them. Make sure you get in touch with them and ask them questions. Furthermore, assess how they respond and decide whether they are treating you in the right way or not.

While these were some of the important things to keep in mind when choosing a Denver bail bond agent, there are many others, such as experience, reviews and testimonials among many others.