Get Quick and Reliable Bail Bonds Service in Aurora

Your loved one has been locked up somewhere in Aurora. The next thing you know, you’re out of the house finding ways to get him/her out of jail. The problem is, the court has set Aurora bail, and the amount is something that you cannot afford.

What is Bail?

Bail is what the court use as an insurance that the defendant will return to court for the rest of the trial process. It is not something to punish the defendant for his crime or misdemeanor. It is just something that will ensure that a defendant will continue to go to court without keeping him locked up in jail.

Now back to the previous scenario. For you to post bail, your option is to go around and borrow money from friends and family. Collecting funds could take days before you can come up with the right amount. You can take out all your savings, but that will put you under close observation of the court. You can also use your house as collateral to bail him/her out. But what if your loved one has a penchant of running away when push comes to shove?

Aurora Bail Bonds

This is where Aurora bail bonds come in. If you or the arrestee/detainee cannot come up with the right amount, the court will accept a bail bond. This is an agreement set by a bonding company with the court that it will cover the entire amount of bail should the defendant fails to show up for a hearing. The aurora bail fee or premium is usually set at 10-15% percent bail bonds according to state regulations.

Say for example the bail set is for $5,00000. The Aurora bail company will get $500.00 as a premium to post bail. You or someone else may be required to sign the bond as a guarantor. Signing means the guarantor has agreed to pay the 24-hour bail bonds company$100,000 should the arrestee jumps bail or flees.

Getting Reliable Bail Bonds Service

You need to help your loved one, but you also need to protect yourself. The best way to do this is to get quick and reliable bail bonds service from an Aurora bail bondsman. But not just any bondsman will do.


The bail bonds agent should be licensed to operate in Aurora. The Colorado Division of Insurance handles the licensing of an Aurora bail bondsman. A licensed bondsman is bound to follow state regulations when providing 24-hour bail bonds. The license also ensures that you are dealing with an Aurora bail bondsman who has trained. They are not legal experts, but they are knowledgeable about the law as well as court and jail proceedings.


You know you found yourself a reliable bail bonds service if the one dealing with your bail bonds is available for calling 24/7. There should always be someone who will answer your call when you dial a number or submit an inquiry. Aurora bail bonds companies often do not have days off because anything can happen at any time. If you are trying to call a bail bonds service agent and no one’s picking up, move on.

Choose an Aurora Bail Bonds Service with an Office

An office lets you know where to go to in case you have questions, or you need to follow up on something. The location of the office should also be near the court or detention center where your loved one is detained. You need a fast and efficient service to get your loved one out. If you need to drive for an hour to get to an Aurora Bail Bonds company, you are wasting precious time.

Talk to a Lawyer, Court/Jail Official

Recommendations can be your savior when scouting for bail bonds Aurora, CO service. These individuals deal with bail bonds Aurora agents almost on a daily basis. They know their personalities, strengths, and weaknesses that can be useful or harmful to your loved one’s case.

Consider an Aurora Bail Bond Agency

Bail bond agencies can save you a ton of stress and anxiety when bailing someone out of jail. They have pools of resources based on their network and connections. Their exposure has given them a multitude of insights that can help you process quick and reliable bail bonds.

PDQ Bail should be the first agency to call when you and your loved one needs to have bail bonds ready within minutes. We’ve been around for 40 years, and we have an established system that will help clients resolve their unique and unfortunate situations. Many of our bail bonds Aurora agents have more than ten years of experience. You are safe to trust us, and we will do our best to follow through.

We are more than just your bail bonds service provider. We are your friends and support throughout this challenging time. Contact us now at 720-542-3217, and we’ll set you up with an agent who will be your guide throughout the process.