Bail bonds

5 Qualities of a Great Bail Bonds Agency in Douglas

Giving the care of your arrestee/detainee to a Douglas bail bonds agency is a decision that you need to take seriously.  Your safety and security are also at stake. You need to hire a great bail bonds agency in Douglas that can relieve the stress of getting someone out of jail. Here’s are the qualities that you need to look for in a bail bonds agency so you don’t have to settle for anything less.


Having a license to provide Douglas bail bonds is necessary for a company in Douglas County. You can check the license of the company or local bail bondsman in the Colorado Division of Insurance. They are governed by State laws how to conduct themselves when it comes to bailing someone out of jail. The license should be valid, current, and in good standing. The absence of a license means you will be dealing with a company that can manipulate you and charges you with fees not related to bail bonds.

Experience with Douglas County Bail Bonds

The length of service an agency has been providing Douglas bail bonds reflects how well they have been doing the bail bonds business in the area. They have a reputation to protect, which guarantees you are getting fast and efficient bail bonds Douglas service. Why? Because the company is already familiar with all the Court and Detention proceedings, as well as State laws governing Douglas County bail bonds. All the necessary paperwork will be finished within minutes, and you can expect your loved one to be released from prison soon.

Transparent Bail Fees and Rates

Getting a bail bonds service will naturally incur charges that you need to be aware of. A great Douglas county bail bonds agency is one that is upfront and transparent with the fees that it’s going to collect. Reputable agencies usually ask for 10 percent bail bonds as their premium, and that should be stated in the contract. The State regulates Douglas County bail bonds, so companies cannot charge lower than 10% or higher than 15% premium. If the bonding agent is not being clear about the fees, is charging lower or higher than what is allowed, run away.  Your payment options should also be clear if ever you have made payment arrangements with the bail bond company.

24/7 Availability for Bail Bonds in Douglas

A 24-hour bail bonding company is your best choice when it comes to getting immediate bail bonds.  You’ll never know when a loved one will be arrested. You also cannot predict when a problem will occur while your loved one is out in jail. Get a bail company who has its line available 24/7. Should your bonding agent be unavailable because he/she is on call, staff should be there to take care call and talk about your concerns. It’s no use getting a bond company that knows how to post bail but is only available during regular working hours.

Has Got Your Back

You don’t have to deal with a rude, condescending agent just because you are in need. You are in a stressful situation, and you need a bonding company that is willing to listen to your concerns. There are small nuances that make your case unique, and an excellent bail company knows how to identify the subtle yet essential differences for a more personal, accurate approach.

An agency that has a local bail bondsman who treats clients with respect and courtesy is a gem. This means your concerns should be strictly between you and the jail bondsman. A company who sells your information, or uses your information to gain popularity does not care at all about your situation. That company is only after fame and fortune. You need a bonding company that cares for you genuinely without any vested interest in your wallet.

Cosigning and being an indemnitor is no joke. You have a responsibility to the court, and you should know what’s at stake if ever your arrestee/detainee jumps bail. A good Douglas bail bonds agency will let you know about your full responsibilities when it comes to keeping the arrestee/detainee in line. You should also be made fully aware of what will happen to your money and/or collateral should your loved one fails to attend a court hearing.

PDQ Bail Bonds is a 24-hour bail bonds company that is licensed to operate in Douglas, CO. We have dealt with many individuals who have unique needs in getting Douglas bail bonds. We care about our clients and will do whatever it takes to make sure that there are no problems during the course of the contract. If you have questions about getting someone out of jail in Douglas County, feel free to contact us at 720-542-3217. Our lines are always open, and a licensed bondsman will be there to address your concerns.