Get Out of Jail Quickly!

Getting arrested can be a stressful experience for anyone to go through. In most cases, the accused has to spend time in jail until the charges against them are dispensed. This legal process is long and most people are unwilling to spend that time in jail. However, the defendants have an option to pay a release fee and post bail to get out of prison. The accused will be given bail unless he is charged with a rather serious crime such as murder or have an extensive criminal record. For such cases, the defendant might not be given bail, and if awarded, the bail amount may be rather high.

If the defendant shows up in the courtroom on the scheduled trials, the court refunds the bail. However, if the defendant fails to show up for the hearings, the court has the power to retain the bail and issues a warrant for the defendant’s police arrest.

Bail Someone out of Jail

If you have ever been in the situation of having to bail someone out of jail, you must know how confusing and much of a hassle it could be.

It’s a good idea to bail someone out of jail by yourself if you can afford it, however, if the defendant is accused of a serious crime and the bail amount is high, you need to contact Douglas County bail bond agencies.

If you lack enough money to bail someone out of jail, this is where the right bail bondsman comes in. Their service can help reduce the amount of the bond; as well as provide you all the information you need to ensure a quick, safe release of the detainee. In fact, the experienced bondsman can be your best protector in sorting out your life’s more upsetting problems, acting both confidently and confidentially on your behalf. In return, they charge a small percentage, usually ten percent of the total fees accumulated in bailing out the defendant.

How do bail bonds work?

Anyone arrested and taken to jail will go through the booking process, where fingerprints are taken. Once this has been completed, the accused is placed into custody and a fee is set for the release. For serious offenses, the cost can be high to spend at once by the defendant. Often, Douglas County bail bond agencies have ties within the courthouse and can secure the release in as little as a few hours. They usually pledge money or property as bail to ensure the appearance of a criminal defendant in court. In case, the defendant fails to appear in court, the bail bondsman can anytime file a lawsuit against the defendant to recuperate from any costs incurred due to the defendant’s failure to appear.

Speed of Bail

No one enjoys being in jail. People often are concerned to know the time they have to spend in jail. Well, it is vital to understand that bail bondsmen put their best efforts when it comes to how quickly they can get you freed. Rather than physically appearing in order to release an arrestee, the bail bondsman can initiate the release process by fax or email, to speed up the process.

For anyone charged with a minor crime and who has a relatively clean criminal record, the bail will be reasonable and manageable. If you have enough money to post bail, the amount of time you spend in jail will be as long as it takes for someone to access your money. If the collateral is required, such as property or business, the release time may be longer.

If you are unable to arrange the money or do not have collateral to pay for your bail, approaching a bail bonds agency is the viable option.