Arapahoe County Bail Bonds: What you need to Know?

If you, a friend, or a family member has been arrested and put in jail, fortunately, you can get bail bonds to pay for the bail. This is specifically true where the arrested individuals do not have enough money to pay for the jail release. This is where bail bonds help them pay for the bail amount and get them out of jail without worrying about the finances.

The role of the bonds agent is to pay the court a hefty bond for their clients. These are called bail bonds and are non-refundable, once it is obtained through the bondsman.

How does a bail bond work in Arapahoe County?

Not like the loan process, Arapahoe County bail bonds usually work without the need for existing collateral. The bail bonds agency that provides the required money is entitled to get a certain percentage out of the total bail amount. Typically, this is a 10% fee out of the total bail amount. As per the laws, the bail bondsman is able to collect this percentage from you, and in return, ensure your appearance in court to face the hearings, whenever it is required to.

How do Bail Bonds help you?

Throughout the years, the bail bonding process has not been changed much. The entire process includes an initial booking and taking the arrested individual to a holding cell. After this, the defendants need to face a judge in a process called an arraignment, where the judge will hear the charge and ask the suspect for the plea. In the majority of cases, the request is not guilty and for such cases, a court date will be scheduled for a formal trial.

However, the case may come where the trial date changes from months to years. Depending on case to case, it is the judge’s hand to decide whether the accused individual can be trusted or not. Only the judge holds the power to decide whether the individual can remain out of custody prior to the said schedule of the trial.

In some cases, the suspect fails to return to face the judge on the scheduled trial. This is the reason the bail amount has been set up, which makes the suspect return to court to pay bail money. Considering the charges and severity of the crime, the bail amount is set by the court.

How to get a bail bond?

There are many bail bond agencies that work on the behalf of the arrested individuals. With their help, the defendants can procure their freedom until the time that the scheduled trial arrives.

Usually, the bail agencies in Arapahoe County charge a 10% fee out of the total bail amount. This is called the bond premium, which is the entire cost for being able to be legally free from prison. The bond premium amount is required to pay upfront to the bail bond agent. Still, there are certain instances where a bail bond agent can arrange some financing for the premium. The mode of bond payment depends on the kinds approved by the bondsman. However, usually, they accept credit cards, cash, and even personal checks. As soon as the agency receives the payment, they will then arrange the jail release and the detainee will come out within a few hours’ time.

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