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Top 5 Signs of Adams County Bail Bonds Scam

We all jump into action when a loved one is incarcerated in the Adams County Detention Facility. It’s scary being locked up in jail, and your first thought is to get your loved one out by any means possible. Bail bonds can help you get your loved one out in a flash. However, some unsavory individuals scam helpless individuals pretending to provide bail bond services. Here are the signs that you are being scammed by the agent you are talking to.

Solicitation for Adams County Bail Bonds in Jail

People who visit jail are often confused, anxious, and therefore, cannot think straight. Scammers are aware of your vulnerability, and they usually go for those who are unaware of how do bail bonds work. The person will approach either you or your arrestee/detainee in jail.  Bear in mind that it is illegal for a local bail bondsman to approach you and offer help to post bail on your behalf. Steer clear of people offering bonding services in courts, police stations, and in jails. The only time a bonding agent can legally conduct business with you in these places is after signing and paying for his/her services.

Phone or Cold Calls

Getting a phone call telling you a loved one is locked up in jail is a red flag. The scary thing is that their calls are believable. They know specific details of your loved one, which means they already did their research and targeted you from the very beginning.

Never believe such phone calls. If someone calls you saying they are from PDQ Bail Bonds, call us immediately. Our bail bondsmen will never call you and tell you to send or wire us money to bail your loved one out.

Threats and Coercion

Some bondsmen go for threats and intimidation, manipulating you into signing up for a bail bond agreement that can put you and your arrestee/detainee at risk. Shouting, shaming, and putting up obnoxious behavior not a standard among bail bondsmen.

PDQ bail has 40 years of experience dealing with families of detainees and defendants. We understand that you are under extreme pressure, and our bail bondsmen will always treat you with respect and dignity. If there’s anything you need to know, ask us, and we will explain all the legalities involved when you hire us for bail bonds in Adams County.

Asking for Payment Before Signing a Contract

Numerous stories are revolving around regarding families giving their hard-earned money to a bail bondsman without signing a contract. They say you can give the money to them personally, or wire it on their account to expedite the process. Never give money to a bail bonding agent without a contract because chances are, they will disappear with it. We will always offer you a contract and make sure that you read it carefully before signing. Once you sign, that’s the only time we will accept payment from you and issue you a receipt.

Offering Cheap Bail Bonds

Think twice when a bail bondsman says he can post bail for a discounted price. Getting bail bonds in Adams County is often charged with 10 percent bail bonds as premium. This fee is already regulated in the State of Colorado by the Division of Insurance.

PDQ Bail Bonds is a licensed and insured 24-hour bail bonding company in Adams County. All our agents are guaranteed to conduct their business ethically and professionally. If you need bail bonds in Adams County, contact us now at 720-542-3217.