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How 24/7 Bail Bonds Works for You?

An arrested person is allowed to get out of jail by paying bail given by the court. Bailis the court’s insurance that the arrestee/detainee will continue to attend all of the scheduled court hearings. If you get in trouble with the law, here’s how bail bonds will work for you.

Makes Bail Affordable

Bail bonds make posting bail accessible by reducing the amount you need to pay. For example, the judge sets the bail to $10,000. Instead of paying for the bail amount in full, a bonding company will post bail for you by charging you with 10 percent bail bonds. This is a non-refundable premium for their services. It means that instead of coming out of the full bail amount, all you have to do is pay our bondsman $1,000.

Of course, you will still have responsibilities when you become a cosigner for an arrestee/detainee. You will be required to present your bonding agent with collateral as insurance. This is to cover for the cost of bail in case the arrestee/detainee skips bail.

PDQ Bail follows state regulations when it comes to bail bonds. Our payment options are flexible, and we accept different forms of collateral. If you are having problems covering the bail amount, let our agents know, and we’ll come up with a solution.

Shortens Jail Time

Several studies have been conducted on how being locked up in jail affects people and their loved one. The inmate is subjected to high levels of stress due to isolation, loss of privacy, and lack of safety depending on the facility. Families also suffer as collateral damage. Children exhibit deteriorating performance in school, and partners have to work twice as hard to cover for the diminished finances.

Fast bail bonds decrease the amount of time your loved one spends in jail. Our local bail bondsman can process the necessary papers for posting bail, and he/she will be home again between 2-6 hours, depending on the activity in the detention facility. You don’t have to wait for the conclusion of the trial or for your finances to be enough to answer the bail amount.

Gives You The Power to Move On

How do bail bonds work for you? It hands you the opportunity to continue and improve your current situation. Your loved one can go out and contribute to society. He/she can look for a job and continue to support your family. Depending on the conditions of the bail, he/she can also experience personal improvement through counseling and substance abuse treatment.

When you enter an agreement with our bail company, our bondsman will help your arrestee/detainee keep up with the bail conditions. Our bondsman will monitor his/her whereabouts. As long as he/she continues to show up in court, follows the terms of the bail, and reports to us regularly, he/she won’t have issues with the law.

Provides Financial Security

Posting bail on your own can drain your financial resources. Although the court is regulated by the Eighth Amendment against posting excessive bail, the amount can be a burden for some. It may take a while for the bank to release the amount, and time is of the essence for posting bail. You also put your money and collateral at risk. If the person you are bailing fails to appear in court, the entire bail amount is forfeited. The release of bail amount can also take months after the court has reached a decision, or after the bail is exonerated.

Working with a 24-hour bail bond company for bail bonds means you don’t have to empty your savings and risk the loss of your collateral. Our agents will make sure that your defendant will make all his/her court appearances. If he/she cannot attend due to an emergency, contact our local bail bondsman, and we will find ways for you to avoid getting penalized due to non-appearance. If you feel that your defendant is about to skip bail, call us immediately before it happens and we will prevent this from happening.

Simplifies the Process

Getting bail bonds helps streamline the process of posting bail. Legal documents are needed, and papers need to be signed. An expert bail bondsman will take care of all the necessary details, and all you have to do is wait for your loved one to be released.

Bail bonds can work to your benefit in many ways. If you get arrested anywhere in Colorado, we are here to serve you. PDQ Bail Bonds is a 24-hour bail bonding company serving the State of Colorado for 40 years. Our expert bail bondsmen know everything there is to know about how to post bail. Any questions or concerns you have about posting bail, our experts will answer. You won’t be forced to sign an agreement with us without understanding the process. We’ll sit down and talk about your unique situation and help you out. Contact us now at our bail hotline 720-542-3217, and we’ll help you get back up on your feet.