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Common Myths About Bail Bondsmen Debunked

Whether your loved one or friend has been arrested, hiring a bail bondsman is vital. These bail bondsmen will put up a bond or furnish a personal guarantee to the court, stating that the suspect will appear before the court on the date scheduled.

From the filling of the required legal documents to financing your bail among other related legal matters, these bail bondsmen in Denver will help you or your loved one get out of jail in no time. But like every other profession, the bail bonds industry is plagued by misconceptions. Furthermore, myths and facts about bail bondsmen are easily confused, often as a result of the negative portrayal of movies and TV shows.

Furthermore, bail bondsmen in Denver provide a valuable service that has helped countless millions. But there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the work bail bondsmen do. Read on to find out five myths about bail bondsmen debunked.

Myth 1. Bail bondsmen don’t care about their clients- Contrary to popular belief, bail bondsmen do care about their clients and leave no stones unturned in terms of helping their clients get out of jail as quickly as possible. Therefore, if something potentially problematic comes up when a person is out on bond the bail bondsmen should be the first person to call.

Myth 2. Bail bondsmen charge further fees or multiple unexpected fees- One of the common myths about bail bondsmen is that they charge further fees or multiple unexpected fees. However, this is false: after the defendant appears for all required court dates and as long as there have been no other issues such as forfeitures or bond reinstatements, then no other fees are charged by the bail bondsmen.

Myth 3. The bail bond industry is not regulated- Because of the sometimes shady depiction of bail bonds in media, many people make the mistake of thinking that the bail bond industry is unregulated. However, bail bondsmen and companies are subject to federal and state regulations. In addition to being properly licensed, bail bondsmen must meet particular age, education and training requirements before they can offer bonds.

Myth 4. Bail bondsmen can negotiate bail costs- Unfortunately, bail bondsmen cannot negotiate a lower bail for your loved one. Besides, it is rare for a judge to lower bail once it has been declared in court.

Myth 5. Bail bondsmen handle shady deals- Another common myth about bail bondsmen is that they handle shady deals. Even though bail bondsmen may be portrayed as the bad guys in films, raiding homes or defrauding their victims, the reality is completely different. Furthermore, bail bondsmen are a very important part of the justice system, not only helping defendants who cannot always afford bail money, but also saving money and time for people working in law enforcement.

While these were some of the common myths about bail bondsmen, there are many others, such as bail bondsmen take a defendant’s money and have no responsibility, they don’t understand your situation among many others.